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Aging life care manager

Getting Started

An Aging Life Care TM Manager, also known as a geriatric care manager, works with families to help maintain the well-being, independence, and dignity of elders while balancing the specific needs of the families caring for them. In a nutshell, she provides peace of mind to clients and families and works hard to improve everyone’s quality of life.

Here to Help

  • Identify the elder’s needs and preferences
  • Offer individualized and cost effective recommendations
  • Assist with implementation of all services
  • Keep a pulse on the situation

An Aging Life Care TM Manager provides support and guidance every step of the way to ensure that no one feels alone or ill-equipped to make very important decisions about care for their loved one.

When To Call

As you evaluate the option of hiring a an Aging Life Care TM Manager, you need to consider if, by yourself, you have the time, inclination or skills to manage all the nuances of geriatric care. Because Aging Life Care TM Managers are experts in the aging field, they will provide personalized and compassionate service, enable continuity of communication among family and health care providers and ensure cost containment. Hiring an Aging Life Care TM Manager could be helpful in the following instances:

  • When families are confused and overwhelmed by a new diagnosis and need a “road map”
  • When feelings of stress are increasing due to care giving roles
  • When support and resources are needed to maintain independence
  • When a professional assessment is required to evaluate and help create a care plan
  • When family is out of town and/or there is limited social support
  • When consistent, unbiased and accurate communication is necessary
  • When family members disagree on next steps and need objectivity and information


Hiring a Aging Life Care TM Manager

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WNC Geriatric Care Management is committed to connecting families and their loved ones to the best community resources available. This ensures that aging transitions will be as seamless as possible. Amy will conduct an initial assessment to learn about your unique situation, and together you will discuss and agree upon the next steps. Services are charged at an hourly rate based upon the customized plan of care created for you.

Even if you are not sure if hiring an Aging Life Care TM Manager is right for you, contact Amy to learn more at (828) 776-4269 or Email.


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